Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

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What do you understand when you come across the term, “Leader”?

Of course, a leader is an entity that leads a group of people, organization, or a campaign. But what does it take to be a leader? What are the qualities that contribute to make an individual the perfect leader?

Leaders, be it a political leader, a trainer, or a company’s executive, need to work hard on themselves. It does not happen overnight, and requires time and efforts!

The Perfect Leader

Who is the perfect leader? An individual with a fully controlled temper no matter what the situation is, an individual who is dependable and trustworthy, the one who makes well-thought decisions, or is easy to talk to? Well, the perfect leader possesses each of these qualities.

To be a successful leader, one needs to have strong emotional intelligence, which is a combination of all the qualities mentioned above!

Emotional Intelligence Explained!

Thinking about what emotional intelligence is?

Emotional Intelligence, or commonly referred to as the EI, which is made up of the following four elements that include self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness. It is the capability of understanding one’s emotions and then managing it with complete control, not only this, but it even gives them the power to do that for the people around them. To be able to know what you are feeling, to understand the emotions, and to be aware of the effects the emotions can have on the people in the surrounding, is definitely a blessing.

The more you work on these elements, the higher are the chances for you to become a better leader.

The Link between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

If you want to become an effective leader and achieve success, you need to learn to incorporate the four elements of emotional intelligence in your life.


It is crucial for every leader to have strong emotional self-awareness. Self-awareness plays an important role in leadership as it helps you in identifying the gaps in your management skills. Moreover, it uncovers the strong as well as the weak points in the personality. Mastering in this area brings you one step closer to becoming a successful leader. Don’t know where to start? The 360° Assessment by the  Canadian Training Partners is the perfect way to evaluate yourself and see where you stand.


To be in control of the feelings and the ability to take responsibility for one’s actions is the most important traits of an accomplished leader. As a leader, it is important that you learn to manage yourself before managing someone else. Understanding your emotional condition, knowing the effects it has on the people in the surrounding, and the ways to effectively manage it is an important element of emotional intelligence, which is what makes a leader!

Social Awareness

Great social skills lead to thoughtful communication. As a leader, you need to become an active listener. It helps in observing the teammates. Also, it helps your teammates build trust in you, which is a necessity if you wish to establish yourself as a great leader. By understanding the emotions of others, and to help them control it effectively is one of the greatest traits found in a leader! Get your emotional intelligence checked by taking the 360° Self-Assessment prepared by the Canadian Training Partners.

Relationship Management

The fourth pillar of emotional intelligence and the fundamental quality of a successful leader is relationship management. A person with the ability to extract the best out of people, to inspire and to have an influence on others through effective communication for developing a strong relationship with the employees, or teammates, has the potential to become an accomplished leader!

Want to evaluate yourself to become a better leader? See the level of your emotional intelligence by assessing yourself on the four essential elements; self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness, by the experts at Canadian Training Partners!


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