Time Management Evaluation


Are you able to accomplish what you need to when you need to? Test your Time Management Skills and find out how you score.

Having effective time management skills allows you to accomplish more in shorter periods of time, resulting in more free time, which then lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus. The end result is greater career and life success.

The process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities, tasks, and targets.

All our assessment tools are designed to provide the user with information at the depth and complexity which suits their needs. 

Individual Feedback and Assessment:  The participant response to the assessment survey and the data is compared to a pre-set standard selected as benchmarks for measuring acceptable level of competency in that area.

360° Feedback and Assessment:  The participants select a small group of friends, colleagues, peers, direct reports, or other candidates to respond to the same survey.  The feedback group rates the participant from their perspective against these competencies.  This provides a rich field of information that will inform the participant on areas of strength and areas for improvement.  The feedback team is limited to ten (10) participants (to be effective it is recommended to engage with a minimum of three feedback team members).

For more details about this assessment please refer to the description section of this page.


This Assessment covers 5 Interpersonal Skills Competency and/or Focus Areas, including:

1:           Goal Setting

Defines specific targets and actions needed to meet desired goals/objectives within a stated timeframe.

2:           Managing Interruptions

The ability to minimize, control or eliminate self-distractions, situational distractions, or distractions caused by others.

3:           Planning and Scheduling

Establishing the necessary activities so that you can achieve the goals and priorities in the time that is available.

4:           Prioritization

Arranging and/or dealing with activities in order of a preset level of importance.

5:           Proactive Orientation

Manages time and oneself effectively so that there is no delay or unreasonable postponement of a task or required action (no procrastination).


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