Self Confidence Assessment


How do you feel about yourself? Are you confident or do you doubt your own potential, future, or abilities? This assessment can help you find out!

Self-Confidence is about believing in yourself, feeling comfortable with your true-self, and knowing your own worth. If you are confident then other people tend to believe in you. Confidence is attractive to others as it leads to greater success, better connections with others, and a greater sense of life happiness.

This assessment is designed to determine your overall level of self-confidence. It looks at nine different factors that affect the way you view and feel about yourself along with how you deal with other people and or situations.

All our assessment tools are designed to provide the user with information at the depth and complexity which suits their needs. 

Individual Feedback and Assessment:  The participant response to the assessment survey and the data is compared to a pre-set standard selected as benchmarks for measuring acceptable level of competency in that area.

360° Feedback and Assessment:  The participants select a small group of friends, colleagues, peers, direct reports, or other candidates to respond to the same survey.  The feedback group rates the participant from their perspective against these competencies.  This provides a rich field of information that will inform the participant on areas of strength and areas for improvement.  The feedback team is limited to ten (10) participants (to be effective it is recommended to engage with a minimum of three feedback team members)

For more details about this assessment please refer to the description section of this page.


The assessment looks at 9 Personal Skills Competency and/or Focus Areas, including:

1:           Action Orientation

One’s willingness or the likelihood of taking practical action to deal with a problem or situation.

2:           Belief in Self

The view that one has meaningful value, current potential, or future potential.

3:           Competitiveness

The ability or desire that makes one strive harder, foster self-development, or enhance personal/professional growth.

4:           Decision Making

The ability to make necessary or independent choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions.

5:           Difficult Situations

The ability to or way in which one deals with a difficult or challenging situation or person.

6:           Goal Orientation

The extent to which one thinks about what goals, actions, or conditions are meaningful for them.

7:           Self-Esteem

One’s subjective evaluation of their own worth including beliefs about oneself and one’s emotional states.

8:           Social Expression

The ability to openly express one’s personality, thoughts, feelings, opinions, or ideas.

9:           Social Interaction

The degree and process by which we act and react toward (or exchange information with) those around us.


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