New Supervisor’s Toolkit

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Welcome to the wonderful world of supervision, management and leadership.  As a new supervisor you are now faced with an entirely new set of tasks and responsibilities.  The New Supervisors Toolkit is designed to help you explore the skills you will need for success.

This is a limited time offer.  Each of the three courses in the New Supervisor’s Toolkit is valued at $39.00.  The discount offer is to bundle  three courses 1) Supervising Others, 2) Goal Setting and 3) Conflict Resolution into one Toolkit to help you explore and understand some of the skills and competencies your role as a supervisor/manager demands.

Each course has between 12 and 15 modules with a quiz after each module.  Every course also has a PDF version of a workbook you can print and use to follow along with the slide presentations.  This workbook also has some additional material for your review.  Although the courses can be completed without it we do recommend printing and using the manual.





The three for one bundle, New Supervisor’s Toolkit, include these three courses:

Supervising Others:Supervising others can be a tough job. Between managing your own time and projects, helping your team members solve problems and complete tasks, and helping other supervisors, your day can fill up before you know it.The Supervising Others workshop will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient, with information on delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict, and administering discipline.

Goal Setting:Goal Setting is one of the most basic and essential skills someone can develop. What makes a good goal? We touch on goal characteristics, time management, making a to do list, and what to do when setbacks occur. This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills for your participants to complete more tasks and get things done.Our Goal Setting and Getting Things Done workshop will cover strategies to help participants overcome procrastination. These skills will translate into increased satisfaction in their professional and personal lives. Participants will learn the Goal Setting characteristics of successful people and in turn will become happier and more productive individuals.

Conflict Resolution:Wherever two or more people come together, there is bound to be conflict. This course will give participants a seven-step conflict resolution process that they can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any size. Your participants will also be provided a set of skills in solution building and finding common ground.In the Conflict Resolution workshop, participants will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Dealing with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size. If it is left unchecked or not resolved it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even law suits.


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