Career (Job Satisfaction) Assessment


What is your level of career satisfaction? Could it be improved? Is your current career a good fit, or is it time for something new? Find out how you score.

Daily, thousands of people make a life-changing career decision. Everyone wants and deserves a career that is truly enjoyable, rewarding, and fun. However, for others, the challenge is leaving their “comfort zone” in order to find a better future. This Career/Job Satisfaction Assessment is designed to give you insight about your current role, job, or career by looking at your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about what you currently do.

This Career (Job Satisfaction) Assessment focuses on 8 different areas that define one’s level of satisfaction with their current job/role. These areas include; Impact of Performance, Perceptions and Emotions, Growth and Advancement, Future Direction, Values Alignment, Work Ethic and Dedication, and Life Impact.

Individual Feedback and Assessment:  The participant response to the assessment survey and the data is compared to a pre-set standard selected as benchmarks for measuring acceptable level of competency in that area.

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This covers 7 Interpersonal Skills Competency and/or Focus Areas, including:

1:           Desire to Progress

The degree to which one desires to continue growing within the same field, role, and/or organization.

2:           Work Challenge

The degree to which one feels challenged, interested, or gets enjoyment from their current role.

3:           Impact of Performance

The belief that their work is making a positive impact, contribution, or meaningful difference for their future.

4:           Life Impact

The impact or effect the role is having on their non-work life environment (i.e. with family and friends).

5:           Work Contribution

The degree to which they feel that work is having or making a positive contribution to their self-confidence.

6:           Values Alignment

The degree to which they feel that there is alignment between their own values and those of the organization.

7:           Work Ethic and Dedication

The thoughts and feelings about the commitment, dedication, and the desire to do the job.

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