Highly Effective Tips for Mindful Productivity While Working from Home


Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experiences. – Jon Kabat-Zinn




Apart from bringing about the global collapse of the healthcare industry, the COVID-19 pandemic expanded on the benefits of work from home. Not many corporate managers and business owners used to favor working from home (WFH), but the dynamics changed in 2020. The concept of WFH has been considered a scale down factor for a team’s productivity. However, while COVID-19 wreaked havoc in other areas, it also highlighted the often overlooked benefits of WFH.


The typical idea of working from home includes tactical limitations and supervisory challenges. The virus’s rapid spread necessitated the work from home, requiring the managers and business leaders to manage and observe virtually. According to Upwork, more than 22% of the American workforce favors work from home and will continue working remotely till 2025. The pandemic brought widespread global acceptance for work from home, making it a flexible method to improve productivity.


Work from home may disrupt both personal and professional lives. It is crucial to maintain a balance between the two to avoid burnout and complete negligence towards family and friends. Here are the essential tips needed to optimize your working capacity and keep yourself productive every workday:


Practice meditation

To many people’s surprise, the work from home trend that rose in the COVID-19 era exhibited an exponential increase in productivity. With a surge of 13%  in performance, remote working resulted in fewer sick days, improved work quality, and greater employee satisfaction. The best thing about work from home is the highest level of comfort that workers experience. However, many workers feel that the increased workload may cost them the loss of comfort and productivity.


To keep yourself mindful in such stressful times, practicing meditation could benefit you with a healthier and happier lifestyle. Such mindful practices improve nervous and cardiac functionality while lessening stress levels. Coupling the value of mindful practices with the benefits of work from home can boost work efficiency and decision-making abilities while avoiding stress and health risks.


Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality. – Thích Nhất Hạnh


Adopt healthy eating habits

The great part about working from home is the unlimited and unrestricted breaks and lunchtimes during working hours. The practice of stepping into the kitchen to grab a snack every time you take a short break during your work is damaging. Regardless of how big your snack stock is, sticking to a healthy diet is crucial to maintain productivity.


Make a list of all food items that help in gaining energy and improving your efficiency. Refrigerate healthy meals so that you are restricted to healthy eating. Buy leafy vegetables and iron-based products to keep the energy and body vitals at normal levels. Ordering in or frying the beefy burger will only make you gain weight. Avoid overeating as it could lead to sluggishness.


Follow a routine

As impossible as it might sound, setting a routine and sticking to it has beneficial impacts on our overall well-being. Less sleep and disturbed eating and sleeping habits could lead to increased fatigue and exhaustion. Take a sufficient amount of rest of 6 hours or more to avoid feeling irritated and agitated. Less sleep is a significant factor in decreasing concentration and focus.


Make sure to set a schedule for sleeping, eating, and working on your relationships. A cup of hot coffee or tea is never the solution to fix the reduced concentration and productivity. Pulling an all-nighter might be an easy way to boost your productivity for one day, but doing it every day has severe consequences. In order to be constructive, try to wake up early, do some yoga and meditation, and avoid overworking.


Get some fresh air

Working from home could make you feel frustrated and exhausted more than often. Home-based work-life is entirely different from office life. At home, you work alone on your targets set for the day with no colleagues to go on breaks with and no fixed time for the lunch break. You might even skip lunch to focus on work if you are a workaholic. However, abiding by the habit of no lunch and break could drain your energy and lessen your productivity.


The best suggestion to keep the mind fresh and functioning is to walk away from your workspace. You can take a walk in your garden, spend some time with your pet or run some necessary errands to stay active. A hectic work schedule with no break will only make you grumpy and stressed. The refreshing air and sunlight help in taking the work burden off your mind.

Keep in touch with the team

The merger of home-life with office-life is surely a confusing one. Sitting on your couch and working in isolation could lead to a feeling of loneliness, especially if you live alone. At the office, you work with your team members who share the same burden of work. On the other hand, it is the complete opposite when working remotely. Even though your family is there with you at home, they have no association with what you do.


In a home-office setting, the aspect of communicating and keeping everyone on the same page could be overwhelming. However, it is crucial to figure out the instances of interaction and plan the meetings to avoid lack of communication. Being proactive and interactive in times of isolation could help you nurture better relationships with your workmates.


Build a stress-free space

Working from home could be wearisome. Putting in complete concentration while keeping a close eye on the kids is not a cakewalk. It takes serious dedication towards both work and family to avoid disturbing any of them. The shift from office to home has created an unconventional space in our homes, making your attention drift and keeping you out of focus.


Balance your work efficiency with small house chores and self-care tips. Getting absorbed in work and detached from the outside world could harm the work-life balance. Don’t take responsibility for added tasks that couldn’t be accomplished within the defined working hours or adjusted with your already assigned work. Make sure to set a schedule to manage your tasks and time.


“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” – Buddha


For all those who are busy working from home, these tips and tricks could boost your productivity. If you are unsure about how to handle the workload and stay productive, join our courses to learn more about mindful productivity.






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