Career Planning

What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

01. Launching Your Career

  • Ready to begin your career?
  • Looking for your first job?
  • Re-entering the workforce?

02. Charting Your Course

  • Ready to move up in the company?
  • Right profession but no upward mobility where you are employed?
  • Decided to make a mid-career change in occupation?

03. Mapping Your Future

  • Time to explore how you can grow and develop yourself?
  • Are you ready for the next big career challenge?

1. Launching Your Career

There are a lot of opportunities to understand your self and take control of your future. Success takes an idea and a plan for maximum results.

CTP offers a variety of tools to help you explore the your options so you can determine the best choices for your circumstance.

We do not stop there, once you have found your path we offer coaching services to help you maximize your career opportunities.

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2. Charting Your Course

One of the most difficult decisions your career path forces on you is the choices of the mid-career professional.

-Do you stay in the profession?
-With the current Company?
-Are you unhappy in your current career and ready to make a change?
You have to answer these questions and our assessment tests can guide you in the decision making process.

We do not stop there, however. Once you have found your path we offer consulting services to help you maximize your career opportunities.

3. Mapping Your Future

Continuous learning and growth today mark the manager and leader of tomorrow. Explore how you can assess your current potential and develop a career advancement plan.

Ready to Plan Out Your Career?

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