Emotional Intelligence Assessment


This assessment is designed to help identify an individual’s level of emotional intelligence. It is designed for anyone seeking feedback about their EI level (both personally and/or professionally) at any level from support staff to mid-level management to senior executives. The key domains of Emotional Intelligence focused on in this assessment are: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management and Relationship Management. The results will identify areas of strength and potential improvement.

All our assessment tools are designed to provide the user with information at the depth and complexity which suits their needs. 

Individual Feedback and Assessment:  The participant response to the assessment survey and the data is compared to a pre-set standard selected as benchmarks for measuring acceptable level of competency in that area.

360° Feedback and Assessment:  The participants select a small group of friends, colleagues, peers, direct reports, or other candidates to respond to the same survey.  The feedback group rates the participant from their perspective against these competencies.  This provides a rich field of information that will inform the participant on areas of strength and areas for improvement.  The feedback team is limited to ten (10) participants (to be effective it is recommended to engage with a minimum of three feedback team members)

For more details about this assessment please refer to the description section of this page.


This Assessment covers 4 Achievement Competency and/or Focus Areas, including:

1: Relationship Management
The ability to use your awareness of the emotions of others (and of your own emotions) to manage interactions successfully with others.

2: Self Awareness
The ability to recognize and understand your own moods and emotions in advance of them building up with the potential to overpower you.

3: Self Management
The ability to control one’s own impulsive feelings and behaviors, by managing one’s emotions in healthy ways (i.e. take initiative, follow through on commitments, adapt to changing circumstances).

4: Social Awareness
The ability to recognize and understand the moods and emotions of others in advance of them building up with the potential to overpower them.

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